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  • About Salt

    About Salt

    An elderly gentleman once spoke to me in the supermarket. He obviously wasn’t that familiar with shopping. To be on the safe side, his wife had used her cell phone to take photos of the things he was supposed to buy. He stood in front of the shelf with the salt and showed me a […]

  • Returning


    The solid oak door opens heavily. The visitor, a tall, gaunt, middle-aged man, enters a small anteroom, a kind of passage and reception room. For a moment, the darkness of the almost windowless medieval walls surrounds him. Then a second door opens, behind it a partially shaded path, a row of brick windows (so it […]

  • Santo subito? – Should Benedict XVI. be beatified quickly?

    Santo subito? – Should Benedict XVI. be beatified quickly?

    In the course of Pope Benedict’s funeral ceremonies, the question arose as quickly as inevitably as to whether the deceased should not be beatified immediately. This idea goes back to early church reports, in which not a Vatican congregation, but the people of God, the members of the church, spontaneously proclaimed the sanctity of a […]

  • Emigration  [Feast of the Baptism of the Lord]

    Emigration [Feast of the Baptism of the Lord]

    For several years now, private TV stations have been very successful in rediscovering an old topic: emigration. The stories of ordinary people trying to build a new life abroad are documented there. The enchanting images of white beaches, palm trees and otherworldly worlds do not fail to impress. It would be heavenly to live there, […]

  • Benedikt XVI. – Some personal Thoughts

    Benedikt XVI. – Some personal Thoughts

    What will people say about Joseph Ratzinger, the man who succeeded John Paul II under his name Benedict XVI. from 2005 to 2013 when the Pope was head of the Catholic Church? It is to be expected that the controversies of his tenure, which were particularly closely observed in Germany, will be highlighted in retrospects […]

  • The Black King – Are nativity scenes racist?

    The Black King – Are nativity scenes racist?

    In October 2020, a decision by those responsible for Ulm cathedral (Bavaria) caused a stir throughout Germany. The local Protestant parish decided this year to set up their nativity scene from the 1920s without the figures of the three kings. The reason: The depiction of the black king reflects a colonialist and essentially racist attitude […]

  • Who am I? – Some thoughts on Christmas

    Who am I? – Some thoughts on Christmas

    In the German Catholic hymn book for the service there is a song that is often sung to accompany the confession of faith. The first verse is: “I believe in the Father, the Creator of this world, who in his love holds us in his hands. He created life out of nothing, man as woman […]

  • The worldwide synod – a new council?

    The worldwide synod – a new council?

    While in Germany the „Synodal Way“ dominated the news within the Church for a long time, it has been somewhat forgotten that Pope Francis called for a worldwide „Synodal Path“ in 2021. What was initially interpreted from a German perspective as a bit of a „diversionary maneuver“ with which the Pope wanted to slow down […]

  • Prayer – A short introduction

    Prayer – A short introduction

    What exactly is „prayer“? How is it that trees start greening at the same time in spring? Modern biology has found an amazing answer: the trees coordinate with each other. Of course, they don’t speak like we humans speak. The „tree language“ consists of the exchange of messenger substances that are passed on via the […]

  • „What would Jesus have done?“

    „What would Jesus have done?“

    „What would Jesus have done?“ – This question comes up again and again in the discussion of controversial current issues, such as the blessing of homosexual partnerships, the admission of women to the ordained ministry, euthanasia or in questions of war and peace. As a rule, it is not asked as an open question, but […]